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Are you seeking wellness in Los Feliz? Most individuals grow up believing that having symptoms means being sick. But have you ever considered the possibility of sickness without symptoms? A growing number of people are starting to visit their Los Feliz chiropractor even when they feel completely healthy. This choice is becoming more appealing as more individuals strive to be and feel their best.

Wellness Care in Los Feliz

Have you ever called in sick to work or kept your child home from school due to nausea or a fever? Most of us associate illness with noticeable symptoms. Research is beginning to show that many health issues society faces are directly related to the choices we make in our lives. These decisions may impact our bodies and create problems that don't have apparent symptoms.

The Body's Response

Our body responds not only to unhealthy choices but also to healthy ones. If a person consumes undercooked food, they will likely become physically ill. Becoming sick and vomiting is not something we choose to feel better, but we understand that it is the body's way of maintaining our health. The body's response in such situations is proof of proper functioning. Health can be defined as the body working well, rather than just feeling well.


Everything that happens in our body and everything our body does throughout the day wouldn't be possible without our nervous system. The chiropractors at HealthWorks are committed to protecting the integrity of their patients' nervous systems. By safeguarding the nervous system, you ensure an uninterrupted nerve supply. HealthWorks in Los Feliz can help you detect problems before they develop into more serious issues.

Within a few short weeks after beginning treatment, I have noticed much improvement and greater mobility. Words cannot describe my joy!

If you need a doctor that you can trust to be objective, and can help steer you back to good health, or just help you improve your overall well being, give Dr. Phil a call.

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