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If you're dealing with neck pain in Los Feliz, you're not alone. Millions of people struggle with neck pain and often don't receive the care they need. For over a century, chiropractors have been helping individuals with this condition. Our Los Feliz chiropractors are specifically trained to address neck pain and have high success rates. Learn how our team at HealthWorks can help you find relief.

Neck Pain in Los Feliz

It's essential to identify the location of the problem when helping someone with neck pain. Los Feliz chiropractors are trained in various diagnostic tools, enabling them to pinpoint the source of neck pain, which is crucial for effective treatment.

The spine is an intricate part of your body, with nearly every systemic nerve running through it. Muscles connected to a misaligned region of the spine can spasm and tighten. This tightening is believed to be the body's defense mechanism to protect the spine and spinal cord. Poor posture and repetitive motions with incorrect posture are the most common causes of spinal misalignments.

Many people leave spinal issues unaddressed, hoping that their neck pain will eventually go away. While the pain may subside, the misalignment that caused the problem remains. Over time, the area can become aggravated again, leading to recurring pain. Without correction, the issue can worsen, and surgery may become the only option.


Don't fall into the "common vs. normal" trap when it comes to neck pain. This mindset implies that because neck pain is widespread, it must be normal. While neck pain is common, it is not normal. This type of reasoning leads to people experiencing problems that can no longer be corrected. Don't let neck pain control your life – address the issue before it's too late.

During your first visit to our office, we'll begin with your health history. Our doctor needs to understand your condition to provide proper help. We hope for a quick and efficient recovery for you.

Don't let neck pain hold you back. The team at HealthWorks in Los Feliz is here and eager to help! Call us if you have any questions, and start your chiropractic care journey today.

Neck Pain Relief

Within a few short weeks after beginning treatment, I have noticed much improvement and greater mobility. Words cannot describe my joy!

If you need a doctor that you can trust to be objective, and can help steer you back to good health, or just help you improve your overall well being, give Dr. Phil a call.

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