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Chiropractic Care for Kids in Los Feliz

Have you considered chiropractic care for your kids in Los Feliz? At HealthWorks, we firmly believe in safeguarding a child's body by ensuring they have an optimally functioning nervous system. While it's true that children recover quickly, this often pertains to how they feel, not necessarily their physical or structural wellbeing. Children may not always express when they're sore, uncomfortable, or in pain, but if the underlying cause is neglected for too long, it can grow into a bigger problem. Chiropractic care for children can be highly beneficial.

From conception, a child's body undergoes growth and stress. While growing, they are usually curled up and then pushed or pulled during birth, which can cause stress and trauma to their spine, potentially leading to nervous system issues. The nervous system controls essential bodily functions such as blinking, breathing, heartbeat, fighting illnesses, walking, talking, thinking, and more.

Pediatric Chiropractic in Los Feliz

Chiropractic care can support your child's development. After birth, physical stress and trauma continue as children learn to crawl and walk, experiencing strain, twisting, and falling in the process. As they grow and engage in play and contact sports, they can endure even more physical stress and trauma. This continues as they develop bad posture, carry heavy backpacks, and face daily responsibilities.

At HealthWorks, we strive to ensure that all the falls, stress, trauma, and physical demands your children experience don't prevent them from enjoying their childhood. We love treating children of all ages, and as a parent, you want to protect your child from pain and sickness as much as possible. Let us help you! Chiropractic care is about safeguarding your body from harm. Our comprehensive exams will pinpoint issues, even if your child is too young or shy to communicate. We'll keep you informed every step of the way.


Infantile colic is described as inexplicable and uncontrollable crying in babies aged 0 to 3 months, occurring more than 3 hours a day, 3 days a week for 3 weeks or more. When a child experiences pain and can't express it, they may cry or display physical signs like pulling their arms and legs in or turning bright red. We rely on their reactions and observations to gauge the effectiveness of adjustments. It's common for babies to fall asleep within minutes after an adjustment or for parents to report improved sleep.

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Within a few short weeks after beginning treatment, I have noticed much improvement and greater mobility. Words cannot describe my joy!

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