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Struggling with Sciatica?

Emergency room doctors report that sciatica is one of the most frequently encountered conditions each year in Los Feliz. Although many people suffer from this issue, some never find a long-term solution. Their sciatic pain continues to worsen because they haven't received the appropriate treatment. This article from HealthWorks aims to help you understand the complexities of sciatica and how chiropractic care can assist in overcoming it.

What does sciatica feel like? Patients often describe sciatic pain as ranging from mild discomfort to extreme, unbearable pain. Sciatic pain can manifest in various areas of the leg and foot, and it often comes and goes. Over time, people may experience periods of pain that intensify if the problem remains unchecked.

Sciatica in Los Feliz

The pelvic and lumbar spine are the typical starting points for sciatic issues. This region of the spine is complex, and pinpointing the problem can be challenging. Our team at HealthWorks will collaborate with you to identify the source of your pain. From there, we'll work together to improve the position of the spine and discs.

Some patients report experiencing extreme pain when simply bending over to pick up a piece of paper. They struggle to comprehend how such an easy task could cause so much pain. The truth is that their condition likely developed over years, and that piece of paper was merely the tipping point. Most spinal problems don't occur overnight; they accumulate over time.

How Long Does It Take to Correct Sciatica?

Treatment duration for sciatic pain varies considerably among patients. Some people respond quickly, while others require more time to recover. Recovery depends on the condition of the disc or joints the chiropractor needs to address. Generally, the longer the issue has persisted, the longer it takes to achieve correction. The good news is that it usually takes less time to fix a problem like this than it did to develop it.

In the US, the number of people undergoing back surgery is alarming, and the low success rate is disheartening. It's estimated that back surgery is only about 15% effective within a five-year timeframe. That's simply not good enough for you.

If you're serious about addressing this problem and avoiding surgery, call our team at HealthWorks in Los Feliz today. We're here to answer any questions you have and look forward to meeting you soon.

Within a few short weeks after beginning treatment, I have noticed much improvement and greater mobility. Words cannot describe my joy!

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