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Scoliosis Struggles in Los Feliz

Numerous people in Los Feliz suffer from scoliosis. Typically, scoliosis starts as a minor spinal curve that progressively worsens. In fact, for a scoliosis diagnosis to be made, there must be a minimum 60-degree sideways curve of the spine. Severe health consequences often result once the spine reaches this stage. The good news is that if the spinal curve is detected and treated appropriately during its early stages, it can be prevented from advancing over time. This article explores how chiropractic care can help.

Various theories about the cause of scoliosis have been researched, but there has been little consensus on its origin. Studies have shown that scoliosis is more likely to occur in young adolescent females. Often, a small spinal curve begins with the simple misalignment of a single vertebra. Over time, the body compensates for this abnormality, and "S" and "C" shaped curves develop in the spine. Parents and children typically first notice scoliosis due to the unleveling of the shoulders and pelvis. Unlike other spinal conditions, scoliosis cannot be reversed by changes in posture.

Scoliosis Help in Los Feliz

While many scoliosis cases affect younger individuals, it's important to recognize that the condition can also develop in older adults. As people age, degenerative disorders like osteoporosis cause the spine's bones to lose their normal shape. As a result, the body compensates by producing lateral curves in the spine to ensure the head remains level. In such cases, if the cause of the curve is not addressed, severe consequences, including heart and lung problems, may develop.

An X-ray examination performed by your treating physician is the most effective means of detecting scoliosis. However, various orthopedic examinations, such as the Adams position test, can assist in the diagnosis. Our chiropractors at HealthWorks will also examine the hips and shoulders for unleveling and check the legs for length variations, which can be a clue to scoliosis development. With years of experience, our HealthWorks doctors have become proficient at identifying scoliosis by evaluating the spine's range of motion.

Scoliosis in Los Feliz

As with any condition, a person should always consider the most conservative treatment approach first. Chiropractic care has been demonstrated in numerous research studies to halt scoliosis progression and, in many instances, reverse the condition once present. Our doctors at HealthWorks have the resources and experience to provide the most appropriate care and, as a result, eliminate the need for more invasive and aggressive treatments.

To achieve this, our office will conduct a comprehensive health history to identify any factors contributing to scoliosis. Often, occupational factors, lifestyle habits, previous traumas, and recreational activities are at the root of the problem.

After considering these factors, our chiropractors will perform specific spinal adjustments to reverse the body's compensations and assist in the restoration process. If you have any questions regarding scoliosis or chiropractic care, please call HealthWorks in Los Feliz to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Within a few short weeks after beginning treatment, I have noticed much improvement and greater mobility. Words cannot describe my joy!

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